Helmig’s Java Turmeric Plus 75 mg

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For medical purposes, Helmig’s also produces Curcumin Tablet Forte, a concentrated dose of curcumin (Forte) that is suitable for people who have liver problems.

This product helps to normalize liver function, reduce cholesterol, acts as anti-inflammatory agent, and has a high antioxidant effect. Put in your bag, pocket, or even slip it in your wallet, you can take it anywhere, anytime.

Helmig’s Curcumin Tablet is also a suitable daily supplement for hard working individuals. Protect our liver before it is too late.

100 Tablets / Box


Customer Comment:

  • Rosiana Alim

    Sy dan suami selalu minum Helmigs Java Turmeric yang 75 gram. Malahan, skr hanya ini supplemen yg kami minum. Selama minum ini sich kami jarang sakit, bahkan hampir tidak pernah. Jadinya selalu rutin minum.