About Us


Since the year it was founded, 1993, Helmigs has dedicated itself in producing the finest curcumin based products for everyone. Due to its strong commitment in using only qualified healthy ingredients throughout products. Helmigs has gained deep trust and loyalty from its customer.

Through its series of curcumin products, Helmigs has successfully introduced the authenthic and efficacious Java  turmeric, Indonesia native plant, to the world. But even the best ingredient would not have much benefit if processed without proper handlings. Helmigs pays special attention to the smallest details in each process, starting from the selection of its ingredients, production, to final packing and delivery stages. This allows customers to have a sense of security in consuming Helmig’s products.




To become the no.1 Curcumin Company that specializes in all fields of curcumin and provides a complete range of curcumin-based products in Indonesia.


Being innovative and appearing fresh in providing the best quality Curcumin-based products with modern healthy lifestyle concept.


Since its establishment in 1993, Helmigs has always uphold the importance of quality in all its products. Driven by this commitment, throughout the years Helmigs has obtained international certificates such as ISO, GMP, HACCP, and Halal certificate. the fact that Helmig’s has succesfully acquired these international standardizations is one thing. However, applying these sttadardization into their everyday production routtines is a more critical thing to the company.