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Curcumin Helps Damaged Muscles Recover Faster. By Gene Kobilansky (Part 3 - end)

While the anti-inflammatory and protective properties of curcumin are pretty impressive, is it possible that this plant chemical can also promote and speed up the healing of a damaged tissue? Do you acquire wolverine-like powers if you eat a pound of curcumin? No. Can curcumin help athletes recover from slightly damaged muscles? One animal study suggests it can. It was found that mice treated with the optimal dose [20 microgram/kg/day] showed muscle recovery after 4 days that untreated mice only obtained after 20 days. So curcumin sped up muscle recovery by a factor of five.
Recovery is an important cycle in your training regiment. Simply “not working out” is not an efficient way to restore what you’ve lost during a grueling practice. Although taking time off is important, underutilizing your time off (especially if you are a competitive athlete) is often overlooked. Get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water and eat well is all sound advice.
Combine it with improved muscle recovery and increased anti-oxidative activity and you have a real edge over the average recovery method.
At this point it’s important to point out that physical recovery is much tougher if your mind isn’t in the right place… and, indeed, curcumin can help us there too.

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